Friday, August 03, 2007

Eat That Frog!

Not just the name of the book I co-incidentally happened to be reading as I sat in the garden but what one of the local cats had done to one of the frogs in my garden. It's remains sitting on the lawn, something vaguely distinguishable as a frog but without any legs ... or head. I did find a leg close by and realised that it wasn't the small one I'd seen earlier but a larger one!

That I saw today, when I nearly stepped on it while watering the garden. Felt something soft and squishy and luckily for it didn't tread on it. It didn't move even as I continued to walk to and from with the watering can - probably suffering from shock or maybe it thought if it played dead I'd leave it alone. No chance, not with cats around. I eventually caught it after it hopped sprightly across the path but couldn't scramble up the raised bed. I put it in the pond - safer there than out in the flowerbeds, or so I hope.