Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cheeky Monkey

I found this hanging off my seed feeder when I came down this morning. Now, I had my suspicions as I'd seen sunflower seed husks scattered below the feeder and thought the birds were being rather enthusiastic in taking the seed and the level was going down pretty quick but was surprised to see this cheeky chappy - well, I think it's actually a chapess as her teats were clearly visible as she walked along the top of the pergola.

She wasn't phased when I went out to chase her off and got within a meter or so of her and was quite unperturbed when I sat watching her later in the day, which is when I got the photo. If I got a bit too close, she'd disappear into the nearby shrub and then come out again, tail twitching until she'd settled back on the feeder.

I put out some nuts to try and distract her from the seeds and let the birds have a chance but she wasn't as interested in those, although they'd all gone when I came out later.

She spent a lot of the time hanging upside down reaching down for the nuts rather than venturing down to sit on the tray. Quite impressive hanging on a vertical surface by her feet and dangling in mid air.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Clouds And Cornfields

Hot and humid all day and it's resulted in these wonderful cumulonimbus clouds bubbling up on the horizon towards evening. A sunny day on the coast but heavy showers and thunderstorms further north - especially over Wimbledon!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Springwatch 2009

Our stand at this year's Springwatch in the Downland zone. Very windy up on the Stanmer site this year and a cold wind blowing through all day but otherwise sunny, until it came time to pack up when it started raining. Our display materials are looking even more weather beaten now and need revamping and reorganising for the next event. We had quite a few visitors to the stand and signed up three new members to the group.

The Springwatch Event seems to get bigger and bigger each year with some amazing displays in the marquees, activities for children to get involved with, plants to buy and an intriguing choice of food to sample and keep you going all day. Along with a steady supply of tea and coffee by the local girl guides group (?) who went round to all the stall holders during the day.

Our stand was right next to the Birds of prey display along with the other volunteer groups. There was an entertaining half hour or so, when one of the peregines took shelter in a couple of the surrounding trees, to escape being mobbed by the seagulls and crows as it did it's display flight. It obviously decided it was safer to stay put and took some coaxing and calling before it eventually come back into the ring.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Summer Migrants - Painted Ladies

I thought there were a few painted ladies around this week and then I find out there's been the largest influx of these summer migrants this century, with thousands of them landing on our coast from North Africa .

It's amazing to think that these delicate creatures actually migrate thousands of miles to come and breed in the UK each year.