Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Frozen Planet 'Faked' Polar Bear Sequence

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There's been a lot of uproar in the press about the BBC 'faking' certain sections of their latest, fantastic series Frozen Planet.

I for one don't care a jot and it doesn't make any difference to me that the sequence of polar bear cubs being born was filmed in a zoo!

In fact I'd have been more concerned if it HAD been filmed in the wild. The intrusion and disturbance to wild animals in their natural environment should be minimal when filming these amazing programmes.  The whole research team is obviously well aware of this in the way these programmes have been so painstakingly produced.

The naivety of some people to think that everything they see is filmed 'exactly as it is' in the wild.  I'm already aware, as I was curious enough to find out how on earth they'd been able to film some of the sequences for both this and other programmes, that many of the sequences are shot in the 'lab' or studio.

It's done nothing to detract from an amazing series and I certainly don't feel I was in anyway mislead or that the series should be dismissed as 'fake' or that it's some major scandal.  I also would have felt it was more of an intrusion to have had some disclaimer put up on screen or the flow of the narrative broken by an explanation of how the sequence was filmed.

After all - we're not up in arms at the airbrushing presented to us every day in magazines and adverts and we certainly don't object to all the CGI that is presented on the big screen.

Well done BBC and well done to all the Frozen Planet team for a fantastic series.

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