Saturday, January 14, 2012

First Task Of The Year

A very cold start to the morning and our first frost of the year, considering how mild it's been recently - a bit of a shock, so wrapped up warm in layers.

I've changed our FoTT tasks around this quarter, so we only have one task a month.  Hopefully we can divide the volunteers and still get two tasks done in one weekend.  A gentler litter pick and a scrub clearance task.

Today we were meeting at the Bevendean entrance for both tasks, as we'd decided to clear the path along the west side of the Tye.

A lovely sunny morning, so not too unpleasant.  Two of us set about clearing the path, which was relatively easy as it's not too overgrown at this time of year and with any luck it means that we'll have less to do later in the year.

Many thanks to the resident who came out with orange juice to revive us part way through.  Yes, even in the cold, it's thirsty work.

The litter pickers managed to pick 12 bags of rubbish from along the coast road and on the lower part of the Tye itself.  Still notable is the amount of dog poo bags being fished out of the undergrowth.  We've even had more bins placed around the Tye, so it would be much appreciated if these could be used!  It's not very pleasant for us, when out litter picking, even worse when strimming paths and around the gates or for anyone else, avoiding the large quantity of dog mess all over the Tye.