Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wildlife Returns To The Dewpond

A lovely sunny day today, so I headed up to the dewpond during my lunch break.

Imagine my delight as I walked around the pond, to see a newt swimming away from the surface.  It's only been two months since the dewpond was filled but already the wildlife has found it's way there.

Two broad-bodied chasers had mated and were flying around the sedge we planted which was flowering and there was one constantly circling the pond, along with a few bright blue damselflies and dozens of tadpoles as well as many other creatures in the pond.  So exciting to see how quickly the wildlife has returned to the pond.

A male Broad-bodied Chaser (Libellula depressa...
A male Broad-bodied Chaser (Libellula depressa), picture taken by Tim Bekaert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Out in the sunshine the house martins and swallows were swooping down to drink from the pond and a kestrel flew by.  Wildflowers are appearing around the edges - there's quite a mixture, if you look closely.  The obvious yellow wild mustard but a few other species in there too.

We'll need to carry out a proper survey of the area, so we can see what's appearing, how varied it is and how it changes over time.

The hawthorn hedging has taken a bit of a battering with the recent wet and windy weather but most of it is still growing and there's a lovely grassy area inside the sheep fencing.

If you are visiting - please don't climb over the fence and tempting as it is, please don't allow your dog into the area.  We don't want to disturb the wildlife or trample all the new growth as it gets established.

If you'd like to join the Friends of the Tye - you can pick up a leaflet from Telscombe Town Council, Peacehaven Town Council or Saltdean Library or visit our website for more information.

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