Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Community Flock - Telscombe Tye

Yes, the residents of Telscombe Cliffs are now the proud owners of a flock of sheep brought on their behalf by Telscombe Town Council, although they may not actually realise it.

The idea is that not only will the sheep graze the Tye but it will generate income for the Council towards the running costs of the Tye when the lambs are sold next year.

The community flock can be identified from the other flock grazing the Tye by their blue marking and ear tags.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Repairing a gate on the Tye

A very crisp, cold, Autumnal morning and two task groups out on the Tye.  One group repairing a gate on the Tye and the other out for a litter pick.

Someone thought it would be a good idea to roll a hay bale down the hill and managed to damage the gate posts, demolish the fence but luckily avoided both cars, pedestrians and ended up against a wall that stopped it doing any more damage.

It didn't take too long to dig out the damaged posts and replace them.  Of course it always helps to have the right tools.

Then dig out and replace the fence posts and re-attach the wire and sheep netting.  By which time the litter pickers had returned with sparse pickings - I'm pleased to say.  Although the dog mess around the gate was less pleasant and carefully avoided as we repaired the gate.

By the time we finished the nice, new, shiny gate - it was much warmer and there were several swallows and house martins around - slightly surprising - given that it's the middle of October but these must be the last few.

While it might seem like fun - the large round bales can weigh up to a ton and can do serious damage and even cause death if anyone or anything is in the way!

I stopped off at the dewpond on the way back up the Tye.  Very full after all the recent rain