Sunday, April 06, 2014

Cat proofing the garden

Over the years I must have tried pretty much everything.  Pepper dust, sprays, gels, sonic deterrents - these work best but tend to break after a couple of years - so it gets expensive replacing them, as well as regularly replacing the batteries.

But I'm thoroughly fed up with the neighbourhood cats (between 5-7) using my garden as their toilet, often poised beneath the feeders and occasionally catching birds.

Every time I clear a patch of earth for new plants or vegetables, sure enough in a couple of days (if that) there'll be a stinking pile of poo.

Now that I have new fences on two sides it's even easier for them to get in as there are no plants covering the fences.  Although as the fence is a little higher, they have a little more trouble getting over it. 

So now I've run several horizontal lengths of wire through vine eyes at intervals to tie in plants.  Maybe this will make it difficult to scramble back up over the fences.  I've installed plastic spikes on the gate which is their favourite entry/exit point.  My last attempt with these had one particularly fluffy cat just sitting on them!

The new fence is capped along its length so they can walk along it - which is exactly what next door's cat does.  I've run a length of garden wire along the top at a height of 10cms, as suggested on the RSPB website.  I'm not hopeful but it might make it more difficult or uncomfortable to clamber over or under.