Saturday, January 14, 2017

Special Branch

First task of the year and out with Special Branch up at Stanmer Organics. Great turnout all round with nine of us turning up, despite the cold and recent snow, although not too much left on the ground.

Raised beds - Special Branch, Stanmer
Rebuilding two raised beds, further along from where we were working previously.

With nine of us we made quick work of it but only two people able to work on replacing the stakes holding up the boards.

Rebuilding the raised beds.
Took a timely break in the polytunnel for lunch when it started raining.

As there were enough of us, we also set about trimming the overgrown willows either side of the polytunnel, adding the trimmings to the dry brush hedge along the edge of the wood.

So three tasks completed, rather than just the planned one ... and we finished early.

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